Most of our effort in 2017 went to Virginia, as the state holds important off-year elections including the race for Governor and House of Delegate seats. In June, we opened a field office in Manassas to knock doors and make phone calls supporting nine candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates.

The nine of the 10 candidates we supported won their races, and 7 of our candidates beat Republican incumbents.

In order to provide the biggest value for Virginia candidates, we worked hand-in-hand with the Coordinated Campaign so they wouldn’t have to spend resources where we were working. Additionally, we were proud to be able to send 10 of our interns to Hampton Roads in the final days leading up to the election to provide help to the Coordinated Campaign in a much-needed area.

From June through November, we had over 130 interns and numerous volunteers who knocked on more than 194,000 doors, and made over 31,000 phone calls to voters.

We helped flip seven House of Delegate seats from Republican to Democratic, along with defending a competitive Democratic seat.

House Delegate District 51 — Hala Ayala (pickup)
We knocked 20,452 doors in a race Delegate-elect Ayala won by 1,562 votes
House Delegate District 50 — Lee Carter (pickup)
We knocked 21,938 doors in a race Delegate-elect Carter won by 1,850 votes
House Delegate District 13 — Danica Roem (pickup)
We knocked 34,473 doors in a race Delegate-elect Roem won by 1,905 votes
House Delegate District 31 — Elizabeth Guzman (pickup)
We knocked 19,754 doors in a race Delegate-elect Guzman won by 2,487 votes.
House Delegate District 67 — Karrie Delaney (pickup)
We knocked 2,263 doors in a race Delegate-elect Delaney won by 4,667 votes
House Delegate District 2 — Jennifer Carroll Foy (pickup)
We knocked 11,987 doors in a race Delegate-elect Foy won by 5,095 votes.
House Delegate District 32 — David Reid (pickup)
We knocked 13,141 doors in a race Delegate-elect Reid won by 5,211 votes
House Delegate District 87 — John Bell (hold)
We knocked 20,283 doors in a race Delegate Bell defended his seat by 6,968 votes
House Delegate District 40 — Donte Tanner
We knocked 32,749 doors in a race Tanner lost by just 106 votes

Our boots-on-the-ground team is re-launching operations in Virginia in 2019 to fight for pro-voting measures: