New Hampshire

New Hampshire

In 2017, Let America Vote sent a rapid response team to help elect Joyce Craig the next Mayor of Manchester. Our team knocked on over 9,400 doors to help flip this seat for the first time in nearly a decade.Earlier in 2017, Let America Vote endorsed several successful candidates for the state legislature with digital ads. We helped flip two state house districts by electing Charlie St. Clair and Edie DesMarais, while successfully holding the competitive 16th Senate District by running digital ads to help elect elect of Kevin Cavanaugh.

In 2018, Let America Vote knocked 80,681 doors and made 58,394 calls helping to flip two dozen state legislative seats in New Hampshire. Let America Vote’s boots-on-the-ground team was integral to helping flip New Hampshire’s House and Senate — ending the Republican trifecta which was responsible for passing two voter-suppression bills in 2017 and 2018.

Press: Progressive voting rights group ‘Let America Vote’ staffing up in NH, Kander’s Let America Vote activist group to open NH office, grow ground operation

Targeted 2018 races:
Senate District 12: 2,959 doors for Melanie Levesque (flip)
Senate District 16: 5,333 doors for Kevin Cavanaugh (hold)
Senate District 24: 4,150 doors for Tom Sherman (flip)
House District BEL03: 1,232 doors for David Huot (hold)
House District BEL09: 2,304 doors for Charlie St. Clair (hold)
House District HIL13: 2,563 doors for Kathy Desjardin (hold)
House District HIL14: 1,071 doors for Mary Freitas (hold) and Mary Heath (hold)
House District HIL15: 2,622 doors for Erika Connors (hold)
House District HIL17: 2,181 doors for Heidi Hamer (hold) and Timothy Smith (hold)
House District HIL19: 3,373 doors for Ken Snow (hold) and Bob Backus (hold)
House District HIL22: 3,695 doors for Megan Murray (hold) and Julie Radhakrishnan (flip)
House District HIL23: 4,718 doors for Paul Dargie (flip), Peter Petrigno (flip) and Joelle Martin (hold)
House District HIL30: 2,692 doors for Sherry Dutzy (flip), Suzanne Vail (hold) and Patricia Klee (hold)
House District HIL32: 2,963 doors for Allison Nutting-Wong (flip), Michael Pedersen (flip) and Dan Toomey (flip)
House District HIL34: 2,646 doors for Greg Indruk (flip), Deb Stevens (hold) and Catherine Sofikitis (hold)
House District HIL43: 3,634 doors for Richard Komi (flip), Ben Baroody (hold) and Chris Herbert (hold)
House District HIL45: 5,554 doors for Jane Beaulieu (hold) and Connie Van Houten (hold)
House District MER03: 3,055 doors for Joyce May Fulweiler (flip)
House District MER09: 2,623 doors for George Saunderson (flip) and Howard Moffett (hold)
House District MER20: 3,000 doors for David Doherty (hold) and Dianne Schuett (hold)
House District MER23: 4,200 doors for Samantha Fox (flip), Gary Woods (flip) and Mary Beth Walz (hold)
House District ROC09: 1,278 doors for Mark Vallone (flip)
House District ROC21: 9,864 doors for Patricia Bushway (flip), Tom Loughman (flip), Mike Edgar (hold), and Renny Cushing (hold)
House District STR04: 2,865 doors for Cassandra Levesque (flip) and Matthew Towne (hold)
House District STR18: 1,174 doors for Gerri Cannon (flip), Wendy Chase (hold) and Cecilia Rich (hold)
House District STR25: 2,865 doors for Amanda Gourgue (hold)
House District SUL09: 1,571 doors for Linda Tanner (hold)
We also knocked doors on a more limited basis for Sandy Swinburn in House District CHE10, Lee Oxenham and Brian Sullivan House District SUL01, Barry Faulkner and Jennie Gomarlo in House District CHE12, David Coursin in House District ROC01, and Larry Laflamme, Yvonne Thomas and Henry Noel in House District COO03.

Our boots-on-the-ground team is continuing operations in New Hampshire in 2019 and 2020 to fight for pro-voting measures: