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By Emily Kong, digital organizer, Let America Vote Election Day is less than two weeks away and we have our foot on the gas protecting voting rights. We turned our hard work into a lot of fun last weekend with our GOTV door-knocking competition, when our teams in five states competed to knock on the […]

Republican politicians across the country are scared for their jobs, but instead of coming up with policy proposals to win over more voters, they’re trying to rig our elections. Whether it’s kicking eligible Americans off the voter lists for simply not voting, refusing to process voter registration cards, moving or shutting down polling places, trying to confuse voters about requirements or any number […]

Kansas City, MO — Let America Vote has surpassed 640,000 attempted voter contacts for 2018, underscoring the voting-rights organization’s commitment to supporting candidates up and down the ballot who will defend and advance eligible Americans’ access to the ballot box. “Two-thirds of a million attempted voter contacts is a huge milestone for our organization and […]

On June 9th, Let America Vote launched a boots-on-the-ground campaign in Iowa to elect voting-rights champions from Sioux City to Davenport and from the state House to the governor’s mansion. We assembled a team committed to partnering with campaigns and allies and adding real value to the effort to win back Iowa in 2018. And in the […]