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The civil rights movement is on the ballot this November. Don’t fool yourself for a second by thinking the movement is a closed chapter in history, or that its work is finished. The struggle for civil rights goes on in 2018 ― and just as in 1870 and 1965, it runs straight through the right […]

… Seeing an opportunity to elect officials who will make it easier to vote, Democrats are investing in secretary of state races. In Ohio, for example, Kathleen Clyde, the Democratic nominee, has said she would end the state’s aggressive voter purging, while her Republican opponent has said he would continue the practice. In Arizona, Democrats […]

Kansas City, MO — With Election Day one week away, the scope and impact of Let America Vote’s substantial investment into five key political battlegrounds is coming into focus. After five months in the field and against a backdrop of rising voter suppression, LAV is positioned to help elect pro-democracy candidates up and down the ballot […]

To: Interested Parties From: Brendan Summers, national campaigns director, Let America Vote Date: October 30, 2018 RE: Let America Vote’s pre-election strategy NATIONAL BACKGROUND Since launching in 2017, Let America Vote has sought to create political consequences for politicians who suppress eligible Americans’ right to vote. That means identifying pro-democracy candidates and pouring grassroots resources […]