One door at a time, LAV’s interns made a difference this summer

Ben Tyson, National Field Director, Let America Vote

Campaigns, like summer vacation, can seem endless. You’re out knocking doors, making calls, getting to know your candidates and learning your turf and it feels like it could go on forever.

Before you know it, though, August is here. Summer is ending. School is starting. Suddenly you’re 100 days out from Election Day and getting your GOTV plans together.

And when you spend your summer on a campaign? Forget about it. You start to wonder if it’s just been a dream all along.

Here at Let America Vote, it’s been just 45 days since we started knocking doors to elect our squad of voting-rights champions across the country this year.

(Well, OK, it’s been 52 days in Iowa — looking at you #LAVFieldofDreams!)

But we’re already coming to the end of our summer internship program.

This summer has been incredible – and not in an ’80s movie “this is gonna be the best summer ever!” kind of way

(Although, judging by social media content coming from our interns – looking at you team #LAVFreeorDie  – maybe it has been that too!).

Across our 5 states our interns and fellows have done MIND-BLOWING work and accomplished so much for our efforts to build the Blue Wave this November.

Now as they get ready to graduate from our Field Organizer Training Program and go back to school – or, for many of them, to work full-time on another campaign! – I wanted to share some of our incredible highlights and numbers.

Check out these amazing stats:











Watching our interns this year has inspired me every day. Their dedication, ambition, talent, intelligence, and courage has shown everyone that we all CAN stand up and make a difference.

Voter suppression, the cruel policies and the reckless rhetoric of Republicans and the Trump administration are NOT something we can just accept. All of these individuals stood up and DID something about it.

They’ve made a difference already, and we still have 100 days to go! I’m so proud of them, and of our team, and I hope that you are too.

💙 #LAVourinterns 💙

This isn’t the end, though! As we say goodbye to our summer interns, we’re also recruiting a new Let America Vote intern class for the fall. Which, by the way, what are you up to this fall?








If you’d like to join our team and make a difference for voting rights and democracy, text INTERN to 44939 or submit an intern application here.