This National Voter Registration Day, We’re Advocating for Automatic Voter Registration

Amidst hyper-partisan debates over voting in the United States, it’s important to remind ourselves that a strong democracy depends on every eligible citizen having fair access to the ballot box. Unfortunately, certain politicians continue to perpetuate myths about voter fraud, and champion legislation that makes it harder for people to register to vote.

Instead of making voting a partisan issue, politicians should be coming together to pass commonsense solutions that strengthen our election processes. Automatic voter registration would create a modern, convenient, cost-effective way to do just that. In honor of National Voter Registration Day, here are some quick facts about automatic voter registration. Spread the word!

Automatic voter registration…

  • Is cost-effective. In fact, every state that has modernized their registration system has saved money.
  • Improves election security. Voters will be electronically registered to vote by state officials unless they choose to opt out, which means that voter information is ensured to be correct from the start and duplicates will be instantly deleted.
  • Bolsters voter rolls and increases voter turnout. If automatic voter registration was instituted nationwide, it would add up to 50 million eligible voters to the rolls. Additionally, millions of Americans have tried to vote but were thwarted by registration issues or deadlines. With more complete and accurate rolls, those millions would have voted.