Let America Vote Statement on Court Injunction Against Iowa Voter Suppression Law

Following the Iowa District Court for Polk County’s decision to enjoin Iowa’s unnecessary, bureaucratic and expensive voter suppression law, Let America Vote Senior Policy Advisor Leigh Chapman made the following statement:

“Today’s decision is proof that the legal battle against voter suppression is extremely important and still winnable. The Polk County District Court today sided with Iowans who believe in free and fair elections and expect better from politicians who rewrote state law to restrict access to the ballot for purely political reasons.

“Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate defended the law because he knows that trying to confuse Iowans about the identification they need to present in the 2018 election increases his chances of winning re-election. Let America Vote will continue to bring the fight against voter suppression into the court of public opinion, and we’ll hold Paul Pate accountable by working to defeat him in November.”