Jason Kander Statement on President Trump’s Lie Today about “Millions and Millions” of Illegal Voters

Today in West Virginia, President Trump accused “millions and millions” of Americans of voting illegally in elections. With no proof, President Trump then claimed that election officials across the country conspire to hide data that would affirm the widely-debunked myth of widespread voter fraud.

“President Trump is insulting American voters by making up lies,” said Jason Kander, president of Let America Vote. “President Trump’s lies cause the American electorate to lose faith in our system of elections and take our elections less seriously, which is one of his goals. If people don’t trust that their vote counts, then they won’t vote. It’s an especially devious form of voter suppression and it’s also a terrible way to lead a country. President Trump should apologize, correct the record and end his campaign to undermine faith in American democracy.”