By: Zach Fang, distributed organizing director at Let America Vote There’s a prevailing swing-state mindset in politics today, where we focus attention and pour resources into key races and battleground states. That’s important, of course — you’ve got to go where the action is. But oftentimes that emphasis on the battleground comes at the exclusion […]

After a vote in the New Hampshire Senate today advanced HB 1264, a voter suppression bill designed by Republican politicians to disenfranchise college students because they lean Democratic, Let America Vote President Jason Kander released the following statement: “Republican politicians in New Hampshire have become completely shameless in their efforts to take voting rights away […]

Today, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law an Automatic Voter Registration bill (AVR), making New Jersey the 11th state in the country to implement AVR by law. Let America Vote President Jason Kander made the following statement: “New Jersey became a leader in free, fair and secure elections today. Gov. Phil Murphy was […]