Voting is an essential part of our American heritage. That’s why, during a wave of new voter suppression efforts happening nationwide, it’s especially refreshing to see local leaders thinking outside the box to protect their constituents’ right to vote. After Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant noticed that renters — especially those who move around frequently — […]

Whether it’s passing intentionally confusing voter I.D. laws, closing the polls early, or refusing to reinstate voting rights, efforts by politicians to illegally silence American votes have a common effect: they keep eligible voters away from the polls. In addition to threatening the integrity of our elections, voter suppression efforts waste our hard-earned tax dollars. […]

The first Let America Vote field office today officially opened in Manassas, Virginia as part of a field operation that will span multiple states supporting voting rights champions running for office. The Manassas office will host field staff who will work to elect challengers and incumbents who support voting rights in state legislative races and […]

Let America Vote President Jason Kander made the following statement in response to notorious advocate of voter suppression Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s announcement that he will run for governor of Kansas in 2018: “Secretary Kobach’s involvement in government at any level is a serious threat to voting rights in America, but having executive […]

Let America Vote President Jason Kander has been named by the Democratic National Committee to chair a commission to fight the voter suppression tactics pushed by President Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity. The DNC’s Commission on Protecting American Democracy from the Trump Administration, which was announced today, will counter the President’s continued efforts to convince […]

Let America Vote today congratulated voting rights advocate Edie DesMarais on her election to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Let America Vote was proud to support Edie DesMarais with digital advertising in the days before the election highlighting her commitment to voting rights. “Republicans in the New Hampshire legislature are trying to pass one […]