Let America Vote Statement on Maine’s Passage of Automatic Voter Registration

Washington, D.C. — Let America Vote President Abe Rakov released the following statement on Maine Gov. Mills’ signing of automatic voter registration legislation:

“Let America Vote would like to thank Maine Gov. Janet Mills and the Maine legislature for passing automatic voter registration into law. The passage of automatic voter registration is one of the best ways a state can increase voter participation, enhance election security and reduce the costs of registering voters. Congratulations to the people of Maine, including the many activists and organizations on the ground in the state, on pushing for this important election reform. This is more evidence that electing pro-voter candidates to office results in better public policy. We hope more states will join Maine in passing automatic voter registration in order to remove unnecessary barriers to voting.”

Let America Vote is a national voting rights organization that fights back against proposals across the country that make it harder for eligible voters to exercise their constitutional right to cast a ballot. Whether it’s extreme identification requirements, questionable purges of voter rolls, voter intimidation, new and extreme voter registration processes, or anything that makes voting harder, Let America Vote is there to lead the way against it.