Jason Kander Statement on HB 1264 in New Hampshire

After the New Hampshire House of Representatives this afternoon passed HB 1264, a bill designed by Republicans to impose a poll tax on college student voters, President of Let America Vote Jason Kander made the following statement:

“This November, there will be political consequences for the Republican politicians who today chose to improve their own re-election chances over the voting rights of the young people they represent. HB 1264 demonstrates a complete lack of courage by Republicans, who would rather remove young voters from the electoral process than try to win them over with good policy. Now, Governor Sununu has to fulfill his promise and commit to vetoing this bill, which is the exact same as a bill he already said that he hated.”

Last week, Jason Kander wrote an op-ed for the Concord Monitor urging Governor Sununu to make good on his promise and commit to vetoing legislation that strips voting rights from young people.

Let America Vote’s New Hampshire office will open this spring to organize ahead of the 2018 elections and defeat politicians who have failed to stand up for voting rights.