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2018 Endorsements

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Why Katie Hobbs is a voting rights champion: Katie is committed to turning around decades of restrictive election practices and ensuring Arizona is a place where every voter’s voice is heard. During her time in the state senate, Katie has been the leader against Republican efforts to strip away voting rights in Arizona. On the Senate […]

Why Brianna Lennon is a voting rights champion: Brianna is committed to making our elections as simple as possible and ensuring that every eligible Missourian voter has their voice heard. “As Deputy Director of Elections and Elections Counsel for former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, I worked with local election authorities and voters every […]

Why Kate Marshall is a voting rights champion: Kate is committed to lowering barriers to the ballot box and ensuring that every Nevadan’s constitutional right to vote is upheld. “Kate Marshall is passionate about ensuring all Nevadans have the opportunity to succeed economically and fully engage in their democracy. She’s a voting-rights champion who will […]

Why Steve Sisolak is a voting rights champion: As governor, Steve will work to ensure the right to vote for Nevadans is never infringed upon. “Nevada deserves a governor who stands for free, fair and accessible elections and supports reforms to expand voting rights in the state. That’s why Let America Vote is excited to […]

Why Jocelyn Benson is a voting rights champion: Jocelyn Benson led non-partisan, voting protection efforts at both the national level and in her home state of Michigan. “Jocelyn Benson is one of the fiercest advocates for voter protection in the country, and I know she’ll administer fair and accessible elections as Michigan’s secretary of state.  […]

Why Jena Griswold is a voting rights champion: Griswold is dedicated to protecting the right to vote and fighting to get dark money out of politics. She believes that every eligible voter deserves to have a voice in the future of Colorado and our nation. “Jena Griswold knows that the right to vote is fundamental […]

Why Maggie Toulouse Oliver is a voting rights champion: Secretary Toulouse Oliver was a leading voice in opposition to President Trump’s sham voting commission’s request for Americans’ private voter data and has committed to fighting voter suppression and expanding the franchise. “Secretary Toulouse Oliver has proven to be a fierce advocate for voting rights while […]

Why Alex Padilla is a voting rights champion: During his time as California’s secretary of state, Alex Padilla has made voting more accessible with the passage of Voter’s Choice Act. “Secretary Padilla has been a powerful voice for voter protection in California and across the country, and we’re excited to endorse him for a second term […]

Why Phil Murphy is a voting rights champion: Phil Murphy’s voting rights platform includes support for automatic voter registration, online voter registration and same-day registration. He is dedicated to implementing solutions to make voting accessible for all eligible New Jerseyans. As the governor of New Jersey, Phil is committed to protecting the state’s voters from […]