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“Trump’s Labor Pick Has a History of Attacking Voting Rights” — The Nation, 2/16/2017 After the past few weeks, I have to wonder if there’s anyone in the Trump Administration actually vetting their Cabinet nominees. They’re not doing a great job. Trump’s first pick for Labor Secretary withdrew his name amid a firestorm of criticism […]

I’ve decided to take on one of the biggest problems in this country: voter suppression. This means a lot to me. As Secretary of State in Missouri, making sure eligible voters had access to the polls was a huge part of my job. This week, I started Let America Vote to continue that work across […]

After narrowly losing a Senate race in deep-red Missouri, Jewish politician Jason Kander is heading back to the ballot box, this time as the head of a new group protecting voting rights. The organization, Let America Vote, will fight so-called “voter identification laws,” passed in red states to fight the almost non-existent problem of voter […]

Missouri’s former Secretary of State has formed a new organization, “Let America Vote.” Kander says it’s necessary because voter suppression is becoming a problem in America. KMOX asked Kander, a War veteran, about President Trump’s assertion that three to five million people voted illegally. “I’m sure that President Trump is not going to like Let […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 7, 2017 Contact: Will Wilder Jason Kander today launched Let America Vote, an organization dedicated to winning the public debate over voter suppression in the United States. For several years, challenges to voter suppression efforts have taken place almost exclusively in courts of law. With the launch of Let America […]